Omg Youre My Daddy


Omg Youre My Daddy
STARRING : Akira Shell, Stefania Mafra, Zara Ryan
STUDIO : Desperate Pleasures
RELEASED : 02/2017
Description : Zara Ryan- After a long flight from Australia I was sitting at the airport bar when this guy approached me. I went back to his place and before I knew it he had me bent over the table taking me from behind...Stefania Mafra- Before my mother passed she told me several times to find my godfather if anything ever happened to her. I found him and he welcomed me into his home for the night. When I couldn`t go to bed he let me climb in with him...Akira Shell- The other day Hope caught me reading her diary. I was reading about the things she was doing with her Daddy and it turned me on. She called her Daddy in and he fucked me while Hope watched...
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